Brian D. Kohl
    Well, here it is. All my crashes, bashes, shiners and exaggerations
of bodily size that got caught on film, all on one web page.
One Day On A Hike In Pt. Reyes,
Antao catches me on film doing
one of my famous "See How Smart
I Can Be Tricks" as I head butt a 4" rock
into two pieces.
Summer 1996.
Brian Breaks Rock Link
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Courtesy some locals of Solvay, NY.
Fun bachelor party for my best
friend Dave, the best man gets to
give a speech in front of 200 of how
we got jumped by 8 guys 2 nights before.
November 1998.
Best Man Shiner
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Me Running a Red Light, and getting
caught on camera (5th and Howard -SF).
I beat it in court too! Ha!
That's justice for you!
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of 4 they send you in the mail.
August 1998.
Running The Red
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My arm after a bike wipe out near
Lake Lagunitas, on the back side of
Mount Tam. You don't get to see the
back of my shoulder, my hip or my knee,
which was as bad as my elbow :)
July 1998.
Oops, me fall down Image
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Trade Show parties are great, but sometimes
the Margarita's catch up to you.
This was at NAB (National Association
of Broadcasters) exhibition in Las Vegas,
March 1998.
Me Drunk Off My Ass Image
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Me, at Yosemite in front of Bridalveil
Falls one morning after a good workout.
Do you like my new hat?
August 1998.
Big Brian Image Link
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Oooh, now this one was not fun in
getting. Crashes, smashes, black
eyes no problemo. Burning oil
that melts holes straight through
Linoleum floors after pouring over your hand
is not a painless way to spend an evening.

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January 1994

Full Story of Burning Hand!
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