Desolation Wilderness
Just West of Lake Tahoe, California, between Highways 50 and 80
    Beginning of September: Chris, Gavin and I went back country hiking in the Desolation
Wilderness. Ranging from 8,000 - 10,000' in elevation, it was a backcountry experience.
No campsites or toilets, it was pack it all in, and pack it all out (well, almost all).
From Saturday first thing until Monday night, this high elevation landscape can do it all to you. We had sweltering
heat, freezing rain and lightning, frost in the morning, a snow ball fight one afternoon, and a couple of
people that found it was a truly joyous experience to fire hundreds of rounds of center fire rifle shots
into the air in all directions for hours on end. There's nothing like a pristine camping trip when you can hear
the water flowing, the wind blowing, and the bullets whistling quickly overhead.
Campsite and Campers
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Water, the Quick Flowing Kind
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Water That Flows A Little Less Quickly
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Photos By Chris Willis and Gavin
Anderson in Desolation Wilderness
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