Folsom Lake
Located 25 miles South East of Sacramento, we embarked upon a camping trip for a weekend of fun.
    Question: So, who went?
Answer: Kate and Bill, Erica and Mike, Antao and Tom (not a couple),
Arvind and Jennifer, Gavin and Me (also not a couple).

This trip was a lot of fun, spending time with everyone and meeting some for the first time. The pictures are few
I must admit, and next time will garner fuller coverage of those present. Also, the lake, though nice and warm
and pleasant to be in, was not overly worth photographing, and so there are no pictures of it.

Arvind and Jennifer (reading Stoker) blessed
us with their presence. Note Bill in
the back with the watch, and Mike to the
back and left. Antao is beyond Bill, with arms
crossed. Tom is there between.
Erica and Kate man the grill.
Arvind and Jennifer
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Erica with Coke. Note I caught Gavin
in the foreground, and Kate's hair
to the left.
Erica and Gavin
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Tom Tom
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Antao Antao at Folsom
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Gavin Gavin at Folsom
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Bill, About to burn himself
very very badly
Fried Bill Full Image
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