Along the Coast of Oregon
    My Christmas 2 day drive had me along Oregon's coast on December 23, 1998.
Below are a few shots from that day.
If one thinks that California has incredible
coastline, I would dare say the Oregon has
even a more beautiful coast.
Rock Formations on the Coast
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Sunset along the coast, northern Oregon.
Here is the famous "Seal Caves"
You can see the water break at the bottom
of this picture. Many a seal plays down in that
white water. A close up is the picture below.
Sunset on Oregon Coast Image
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The close up of some seals playing at
"Seals Cave" Oregon.
Seals Cave - Oregon Coast Image
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Again, at Seals Cave, this is the inside of the road,
where the sun was setting, and the water was running.
I was hoping to get the red color of the late sun
sparkling through the ice manifestation in front.
Almost had it, but the color still falls on the running
water above. It is extremely rare for this much ice
and snow to be in western Oregon, I guess I was
lucky to go during an incredible cold spell (twas a
cold night in the back of my truck - though
not the first) - says one resident of 50
years to me, that I met along the road.
Ice formations Image
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A close up of the ice from the picture above. Ice Formation Close Up Image
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Never lose the opportunity to take a picture of my little
Toyota. Southern Oregon coast, just north of Gold
My truck in Oregon Image - Like we need another pic of my truck!
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