Skydiving, Lovers Leap, Mt. Diablo (Mountain Climbing),
California's Old Faithful Geyser
Skydiving From 14,000 feet!
Yolo County Airport, California
April 2000

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Hiking Lover's Leap
Bruce at Sense8 organizes a trip to
Lover's Leap, about 3/4ths the way to Lake Tahoe off
Highway 80. We camped overnight, and in the morning
hiked up the back side of this 850 foot beast. People like
Bruce actually climb this thing! This was when my
friendship with Antao really began
September 1996.

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Rock Climbing at Mount Diablo
Bruce again organizes a trip, this time to
go rock climbing up at Mt. Diablo. Single pitch only this
day, we got ourselves up to about 90', both climbing up
and repelling down. Antao, Floyd, Gavin, Bruce,
Colin and I all had a shot at the rock climber title
October 1996

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California's Old Faithful Geyser

In Northern Napa county is Calistoga, right
near one of the handful of geysers in the world with
very predictable eruptions. This geyser erupts every
30 minutes on average, shooting super heated 350 degree
Fahrenheit water over 45' in the air.
August 1998.

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