Yosemite National Park
April 1998 and August 1998

April 1998 - Day of Clouds

When Dave and Jackie came out to visit in April of 1998, we had plenty of things to do. They flew in on Wednesday night, and first thing Thursday morning we were off to Yosemite. Unfortunately, the clouds and haze never lifted that day, but it did allow a unique opportunity to photograph this amazingly awesome natural wonder a little differently than you normally see. I will go back soon and film it when the sun is on my side. We spent the day in Yosemite Valley, then that night moved back out into Touleme County and went camping. The temperature was 33 degrees F, and it downpoured all night. We found out the difference between the 4 season North Face tent Dave and Jackie slept in and the $25 Target special I had. Nuf said.


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August 1998 - Day of Sunshine

In August of 1998, my 18 year old cousin Mathil came out to visit from back east. Seeing the perfect opportunity to go back to Yosemite, we went off. This time there was no thick cloud cover like in April, there was only strong sun. Pictures here have some vibrant blues and great willowy, wispy water falls. The price to pay for coming in August verse April was only that much of the winter melt was finished, so there was less water, but it all looked fine to me.

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